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Big Gathering Wonderful Start f CBST2017
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On November 22-24, 2017, the 8th China International Beverage Exhibition on Science and Technology, the most influential brand professional exhibition in China beverage industry, will be held in Hall N1-N4, Shanghai New International Expo Centre. As the indicator for China beverage industry development, CBST2017 will take “Brand Exhibition, Industry Chain Innovation +” as the theme. It gathers famous exhibitors in beverage industry at home and abroad and focuses on the latest technologies and achievements of the whole industry chain. CBST2017 will show you the fruitful development of the beverage industry in China.葡京热
Industry Giants Showing on Stage
As the only industry event that is held every two years in China beverage industry, CBST2017 exhibition area reaches 45,00f0 square meters, with 20% growth comparing with late exhibition, and larger than that of previous exhibitions. The Exhibition gathers nearly 300 exhibitors in beverage whole industry chain from more than 30 countries and regions. International and domestic exhibitors include KRONES, SIG, KHS, CBE, TETRA PAK, GEA, SACMI, HEUFT, NEWAMSTAR, TECHLONG, NANJING LIGHT INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY GROUP, BESTCROWN, PRECISE, PHS, PEIYU, HFZHONGCHEN, ZHONGYA, GSPAK, QINGDAO DELONG, YCTD, SUNRISE, YONGSUN and BAOLILONG.
Advanced Technologies Gathering in Shanghai
With CBST2017 as platform, well-known exhibitors at home and abroad will bring the latest and most competitive productions and technologies to the Exhibition, which will promote the rapid development and reform of beverage industry. The advanced products and technologies displayed in CBST2017 include new sterile carton packaging – combishape, continuous sterilization technology, upgraded gland technology, innovative labeling technology, empty tank detection system, label testing machine, new re-sealable beverage bottles, all-electric blowing machine, high-speed pre-composite tape handle packaging machine, low-tensioning strapping machine for cans, and new generation of oil-free blow molding piston compressor. Visitors will surely have a trip full of harvest! 
Covering Whole Industrial Chain 
As the most comprehensive and professionaltechnology exchange and trade platform for China beverage industry, CBST2017 exhibits cover a full range of the industry chain, including raw/auxiliary materials and their treatment, additives, pretreatment, packaging containers, blow molding (electromechanical devise, pneumatic components, fluid fittings, transmission equipment), etc. The exhibition will fulfil visitors’ requirements of procurement. “A grand party for professional buyers and sellers on beverage industry” is coming.
High-lever Buyers Enjoying the Exhibition
Past CBST attracted insiders from beverage whole industry chain. With the unique database, the number of visitor this year is estimated to reach 26,000. This Exhibition has also received attentions from and been favored by many international and domestic professional high-level buyers. As of now, the Exhibition Organizing Committee has received register via call or email from visitors over 40 countries and religions, and over 30 provinces and cities in China. Among the visitors, nearly 30% of them are visiting for procurement. We believe that cooperation will be effective and participants will reach win-win situation. 
Innovation in Special Exhibition Area
To enrich CBST2017 and expand the Exhibition, CBST 2017 will continue the advantages of CBST and establish multiple special exhibition area. “Raw/Auxiliary Materia Exhibition Area”, “Beverage Brand Culture and Innovation Exhibition Area”, and “Old Brand Culture Exhibition Area” will be gathered in Hall N4, showing the enterprise brand and culture, and leading the


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